SilencerCo Hybrid 46M Suppressor Up to 458 SOCOM and 460 Weatherby Magnum


Designed for versatility across multiple platforms with a balance for weight and performance.

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  • Includes Charlie ASR Mount and Charlie .30 cal front cap
  • Compatible with Charlie ASR Mount, Charlie Direct Thread Mounts, Charlie Piston Mount, Charlie Front Caps, ASR Muzzle Devices, Pistons and Tri-Lug
  • Short Configuration: weighs 12.2 oz. & Measures 5.78 inches (without mount)
  • Long Configuration: weighs 14.9 oz. & Measures 7.72 inches (without mount)
  • Rated for centerfire pistol and rifle calibers including 45 Auto, 10MM, 450 Bushmaster, 458 SOCOM, 45-70, 338 LM and up to 460 Weatherby Magnum
  • Constructed of Titanium, Inconel and 17-4 Heat Treated Stainless Steel
  • Full-Auto Rated